Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Time for Change

Tomorrow begins the season called Lent, which is an interesting time in the Christian tradition. Lent is when we prepare to make changes, in preparation of meeting the Joy of Easter. Rebirth. New Life. We prepare to meet Christ, and the life of love and joy he has for us. But some of us are facing some difficult times. In order to get to that day of rebirth, we know that some changes need to be made, and that is not always and easy thing to do. You hear about people "giving up something for Lent." For many, it is a ritual they go through; they give up smoking, or fast food, drinking... but making the connection to something spiritual isn't obvious. So consider this: During Lent, start making those difficult sacrifices that are keeping you from Joy. This is a season designed to lead you into life and Joy. God made you as an amazing, whole creature. It is only our human foibles that keep us from joy. Make those moves to become healthier. Make changes in your relationships that will foster a happier life for both. Make changes in the things you can, learn to accept or change your own attitude in the things you cannot move. We are siting on the Eve of Joy. Take the next six weeks to plant the seeds of happiness in your heart. Then you can meet Christ as He intended you to be: Whole, Joyful, and Blessed.

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